Our ambassadors will provide you with all the information about COCOCHOCO Professional and provide individual, professional training in your area.

COCOCHOCO Keratin Treatment is an innovative process that you can include at your service, whether you work in the salon, as a freelancer or have a mobile hairdresser.

The course will provide you with complete training. You can start working with clients immediately after completing the course.

You will be taught about everything you need to know about applying COCOCHOCO Professional Brazilian Keratin.

What is included in the training?

An original certificate of successful training from COCOCHOCO Professional.
Theory and Knowledge of COCOCHOCO Professional Keratin.
Application of keratin treatment.
We will advise you on which products to choose for optimal aftercare for your clients.
Receiving the starter pack.
Wholesale discount on our e-shop purchases.

In addition to the original COCOCHOCO Professional certificate, you will gain a number of other benefits or promotional items. At the same time, we will actively offer and recommend your salon to our customers, which will mean an influx of new clients.

We are looking for the ambassador and ambassador of our brand!

Are you communicative and like to pass on your experience further? Become our ambassador!

Are you a hairdresser? Work with us! In addition to providing information on the Brazilian Keratin COCOCHOCO Professional, we will also professionally train and support you in your business.

Don't worry about working with COCOCHOCO Professional. We will teach you how to using our Keratin Treatment, both the experienced hairdresser and the beginner.

Add the keratin treatment to your service. Offer your customers something new and get new clients.

If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us at our e-mail address

Thank you for your interest.

Find your brand ambassador COCOCHOCO PROFESSIONAL

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