We deliver to all 28 countries in the EU.

  • Fast delivery within 1 to 5 working days with tracking of the shipment
  • No import VAT
  • No additional charges and customs clearance
  • Sales excluding VAT (the VAT)

Orders received on a business day before 10:00 CET will be shipped on the same day. Regardless of the selected carrier, we will provide you with a link to track your package online. Shipping fees include handling and packing fees. The shipping charges vary according to the total weight of the consignment. We recommend buying all items in one order. We can not group two different orders, shipping charges will apply to each of them. The boxes are large enough to protect the products and prevent damage.

Country Shipper Transportation time
Belgium GLS 2 days
Bulgaria GLS, DPD 3 days
Czechia Packeta, DPD, PPL, Czech Post 1-2 days
Denmark GLS, DPD 3 days
Estonia GLS, DPD 3-4 days
Finland GLS, DPD 4-5 days
France GLS, DPD 3-4 days
Croatia GLS, DPD 3 days
Ireland GLS, DPD 4 days
Italy GLS, DPD 3-5 days
Cyprus GLS 5 days
Lithuania GLS, DPD 3-4 days
Latvia GLS, DPD 3-4 days
Luxembourg GLS, DPD 2 days
Hungary Packeta, DPD, GLS 1-3 days
Malta GLS 3-4 days
Germany DHL, DPD, GLS 1-3 days
Netherlands GLS, DPD 2 days
Poland GLS, DPD 2 days
Portugal GLS, DPD 3-4 days
Austria GLS, DPD, Österreichische Post  2 days
Romania GLS, DPD 2-4 days
Greece GLS, DPD 4-6 days
Slovakia Packeta, GLS, Slovak Post 1-2 days
Slovenia GLS,DPD 2-3 days
Spain GLS, DPD 3-4 days
Sweden GLS,DPD 3-4 days
Great Britain Royal Mail 3-4 days