Brazilský keratin

As official and exclusive distributors we represent on the Czech and European market the Israeli hair cosmetics COCOCHOCO Professional which gained popularity all around the world and which is currently the number 1 on the market of keratin hair treatment.

Our priority is the sale of the highest-quality cosmetics and customer services provided at the top level - your satisfaction is very important to us. That is why we guarantee that hairdressing products COCOCHOCO Professional are extremely effective in hair regeneration and are safe - we put them through regular tests and quality inspection.

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Brazilian Keratin COCOCHOCO

Brazilian keratin is an innovative process of hair treatment which is purely natural and without the content of formaldehydes, sulphates and parabens. It regenerates hair in depth and straightens it without changing its structure.

The application results in healthy, straight, soft and shiny hair for a period of 3-4 months.

Treatment with Brazilian keratin is suitable for all types and kind of hair.

You can find in our offer 3 types of keratin: ORIGINAL, PURE, GOLD.

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Meet CERAMIDE. A new line for care of hair.

Every day, our hair is affected by the external influence of weather, whether it is the sun, dry air or on the contrary moisture, fresh water and sea water. These influences always remove from our hair natural strength, elasticity and magic. We cannot also forget different chemical treatment and dying which makes damages to our hair as well. This series of products is based on a new and unique formula of composition combining CERAMIDE, natural oils and essential vitamins.

CERAMIDE COCOCHOCO products are developed for complete treatment of damaged hair. Each of CERAMIDE series is focused on different aspect or hair problem.

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